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“Tamworth FC Heritage” was founded by a football fan and was made for all the people interested in the world of football. I dedicate a lot of time and effort in order for this blog to become a place to all football fans. Sometimes is more than a place, is a community driven by the pure love to an incredible sport, and we appreciate all the people that make this an incredible journey.

But since “Tamworth FC Heritage” is a place made by football fanatics, is fair to say that this blog belongs to everyone that really cares for this sport. That’s why one of the offers that I propose to my amazing readers is that you are more than welcome to write here, in “Tamworth FC Heritage,” about something you think is important to talk about in the world of football.

We are part of this community, which keeps getting bigger each day, and “Tamworth FC Heritage” is big enough for all of us. You can read our great articles and leave a comment, you can contact us and decide to write of us in an article or two, you can help us expand by doing so, and you will also share your knowledge in football with other fans that read this blog frequently.