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Video proof also in Champions League, plans also for EM 2020

After long hesitation, UEFA has decided to introduce the video proof in the Champions League. From 2019 onwards, the referees in the premier league will be able to communicate with a colleague on screen. If everything goes smoothly, the system will also be used at the European Championships.

Nyon – The video proof is also coming in the premier league: UEFA has abandoned its wait-and-see attitude and will use the technical assistance for referees in the Champions League in the future. From the 2019/2020 season onwards, video referees will assist referees on the pitch with controversial decisions, the European Football Union announced on Thursday after the first part of its Executive Committee meeting in Nyon.

There are also plans to use the technology in the finals of the 2020 European Championship, the Europa League from 2020/21 and the 2021 Nations League Final. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said that there was confidence that a “stable system” would be in place by the start date in August 2019 to train the impartial.

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In contrast to FIFA and the German Football Association, the continental association had so far been hesitant about the video proof. Shortly before the group draw for the current Champions League season in August, Ceferin had already indicated that UEFA would soon follow the FIFA line. “If we are ready, we will use it,” the Slovenian had said about the technology, which is still much discussed in the Bundesliga.

But Ceferin was still sceptical: “It’s not clear enough for me. There were some good decisions at the World Cup, but we have to see how it develops.

After the controversial red card for Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus Turin’s first group game at FC Valencia, there were many demands for the introduction.

Supercup premiere

The video proof will be used for the first time in a UEFA compulsory match in August 2019 in the Supercup duel between the current Champions League and Europa League winners in Istanbul. The system will then also be used in the playoffs for the group phase. UEFA will make a final decision on the use of the system at a later date. It is still unclear whether there will continue to be goal-line assistants at UEFA matches. Check out Slots Baby Bonus and their promotions!

In contrast to FIFA, which uses the format for tournaments in individual countries such as the 2018 World Cup in Russia, UEFA has to transmit the video signal from numerous countries to the referees. According to the continental association, this is technically much more complicated.

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