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Manager Info - 1990/91 - Graham Smith

Graham Smith
Name: Graham Smith
Assistant: Lionel Martin
Start Date: Ongoing
End Date: End of 1990/91
No. Games Managed: 271
Games Won: 168
Games Drawn: 39
Games Lost: 64
Goals For: 608
Goals Against: 347

Game statistics are cummulative totals specific to the manager to the end of the season being viewed or their term as manager.

Graham Smith



Graham Smith


17 May 1991 – Headline: “Farewell to a hero”
Graham Smith – Tamworth Football Club’s most successful ever manager – was sacked unceremoniously last Thursday night in a move that stunned the whole of Midlands non-league football. Although there had been considerable speculation that the manager might voluntary leave The Lamb, no-one predicted the Tamworth board would actually sack him. The reason the move took everyone by surprise is that seven weeks ago Tamworth publicly gave Smith a vote of confidence. To end weeks of speculation about the managerial position, chairman Malcolm Jones said that Smith had been assured of his position for the following season. It seemed to kill the debate stone dead and in believing that his future was assured, Smith did not apply for many of the jobs he was subsequently linked with. Jones said: “The board felt we needed a change of direction at this stage. I have nothing but respect for Graham Smith and he has done a brilliant job over the years here.”





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