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Manager Info - 1993/94 - Les Green

Les Green
Name: Les Green
Assistant: Degsy Bond
Start Date: 12/03/1994
End Date: Ongoing
No. Games Managed: 17
Games Won: 10
Games Drawn: 4
Games Lost: 3
Goals For: 27
Goals Against: 19

Game statistics are cummulative totals specific to the manager to the end of the season being viewed or their term as manager.

Les Green


March 18 1994 Headline (printed in green!):

It's the Green movement Les Green, Tamworth FC's ambitious new manager, surveyed his new club this week and boldly declared I will make this club great again and I will start by winning the league title next season. Green, appointed in a hectic 24 hour period at the end of last week - which saw former managers Paul Wood and Clive Lyons leave the club - has Les believed that Tamworth can be the biggest club in Midlands non-league football. And he is determined now to prove it. "This is a great club. The supporters are superb, the off the field set up is excellent and the only thing missing is a winning team. I can and will provide it and I am very, very excited about the challenge," he said.

The new Tamworth manager is a former Derby County goalkeeper who, amongst other successes, won a title medal under Clough and Taylor. He has twice previously been unsuccessful in trying to get the Tamworth hot seat so when it became vacant again this time the board decided to give him his chance. He took it with open arms and immediately set out his stall for the future. The aim is to win the league next season and get Tamworth into the GM Conference in three and a half years. People will think I am barmy but I simply do not know the meaning of failure and if I don't achieve what I say then the board can feel free to sack me. Tamworth Football Club fans should start saving for their season tickets for next year already because we are going to have the Lamb packed again and the famous Red Army will soon be on the move once more.

Green took the job last Thursday night after Paul Wood and Clive Lyons left by mutual consent after a series of poor results. Chairman Bob Andrews said that Wood had given the job his best shot and was sorry it hadn't worked out for him.

"In the end the injuries crippled us but I can't worry about that now. I would just like to say a big thank you to all the supporters for getting behind us when we were in control. As one door shuts another one opens and I will just have to wait and see what happens now," said Wood.







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