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Manager Info - 2000/01 - Tim Steele (caretaker)

Tim Steele (caretaker)
Name: Tim Steele (caretaker)
Start Date: 06/01/2001
End Date: 13/01/2001
No. Games Managed: 3
Games Won: 1
Games Drawn: 0
Games Lost: 2
Goals For: 3
Goals Against: 5

Game statistics are cummulative totals specific to the manager to the end of the season being viewed or their term as manager.

Tim Steele (caretaker)


04 January 2001 – Headline: “Tim Steele – the reluctant manager”
Steele was asked to take over as caretaker after the sacking of Paul Hendrie and he agreed on a short term basis, despite being good freinds with Hendrie and Andy Dwyer. But the vastly experienced defender and reserve team boss has ruled himself out of the race for the hot seat. “I agreed reluctantly to take the job on for a few weeks because someone has to do it,” he said. “I am good friends with both Paul and Andy, and was extremely disappointed to hear the news. I think they have done a lot of good for the club and me personally. Hopefully, the club can get someone in quickly to do the job because I can’t do it due to work commitments.”







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