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Manager Info - 1983/84 - Barry Meads

Barry Meads
Name: Barry Meads
Start Date: 17/12/1983
End Date: End of 83/84
No. Games Managed: 24
Games Won: 0
Games Drawn: 3
Games Lost: 21
Goals For: 9
Goals Against: 79

Game statistics are cummulative totals specific to the manager to the end of the season being viewed or their term as manager.

Barry Meads



Barry Meads


June 29 1984 Headline: "The Dawning of a new soccer era"
Tamworth FC changed hands in dramatic style on Tuesday night with a new board and managerial chief was announced bringing a fresh success to the success starved Lamb club.

As widely predicted Dave Seedhouse and Peter Nicholls. Who engineered five years success at Atherstone United, have taken over the helm of managing the team and they will be backed by a new three-man board chaired by former town favourite John "Donkey" Bayliss. "We haven't been able to discuss details with Garry (Meads) yet, but we hope he will stay at the club in some capacity."

June 29 1984 Headline: "Meads yet to find out his place in set up"
The future of Barry Meads is still uncertain after Tuesday night's takeover.
Meads, who had been manager for just a few months, has been on holiday this week and still doesn't know his position at the new look Tamworth FC.

There has been some talk of Meads taking over as youth manager but as a youth team is not expected for another 12 months it is hard to see what position he will be able to hold in the meantime.
For many years Meads has been the club's trainer and spongeman and it was not been ruled out that he will once again revert to this position should he wish to.





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