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Manager Info - 1971/72 - Anthony Foster

Anthony Foster
Name: Anthony Foster
Start Date: 10/01/1972
End Date: End of 71/72
No. Games Managed: 31
Games Won: 18
Games Drawn: 10
Games Lost: 3
Goals For: 61
Goals Against: 37

Game statistics are cummulative totals specific to the manager to the end of the season being viewed or their term as manager.

Anthony Foster



Anthony Foster


10 May 1972 Headline: "Foster Quits"
Tamworth player-manager Tony Foster will quit the club this afternoon to sign for Southern League Banbury United. Twenty-seven year old Foster who took over the managership at Tamworth in January told The Herald, "I have had a happy season but the amount of travelling is too much. I don't want to leave Tamworth but the 60 mile trip from my Banbury home means I hardly see my wife and young son.
I have had to take a long look at the situation and have decided to rejoin Banbury. This is the only reason I am leaving Tamworth."

Tamworth Administration manager Derek Clarke commented, "We are all very disappointed about this. Tony has been released at his own request. We have tried all ways but after talks with the players have granted his release. It will be a big loss."





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