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Manager Info - 1976/77 - Gordon Dougall

Gordon Dougall
Name: Gordon Dougall
Start Date: Ongoing
End Date: End 7677
No. Games Managed: 149
Games Won: 57
Games Drawn: 40
Games Lost: 52
Goals For: 206
Goals Against: 184

Game statistics are cummulative totals specific to the manager to the end of the season being viewed or their term as manager.



Gordon Dougall


July 15 1977 Headline: "Town boss quits"
Tamworth Football Club manager Gordon Dougall quit this week, severing a four year connection with the Southern League side.

Dougall's decision shocked club directors who had earlier promised him more money for his players.
Said Chairman Mike Tongue: "We are all disappointed. Gordon has stuck with us through difficult financial times and it is quite ironic that this season he wouldn't have had to struggle." Dougall resigned earlier this week because of pressure of work and, he says, loss of enthusiasm.
"I think I have done reasonably well at Tamworth with little or no money but I have found in recent weeks that my enthusiasm has wained," he said, "The club and directors deserve someone who has the enthusiasm. I still love coaching but the problems with signing players and negotiating terms is something I have come to dislike. I'm sorry to leave Tamworth. I have made a lot of good friends in the town and shall always be a loyal supporter of the club."





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