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Manager Info - 1979/80 - Alan Fogarty

Alan Fogarty
Name: Alan Fogarty
Assistant: Alan Hampton
Start Date: 24/09/1979
End Date: Ongoing
No. Games Managed: 44
Games Won: 9
Games Drawn: 11
Games Lost: 24
Goals For: 31
Goals Against: 75

Game statistics are cummulative totals specific to the manager to the end of the season being viewed or their term as manager.

Alan Fogarty


28 September 1979 Headline: "Fogarty talks about Tamworth FC. Into the 80's"
Alan Fogarty's first impressions of Tamworth FC on the field were that they were 'diabolical'.
Alan Fogarty's first impression of Tamworth FC, off the field was that there is a lack of discipline, his reason for jumping at the chance of becoming manager of what would seem to be, judging by those impressions, a club in a pretty poor state, was that everything is set fine for a big future.

"We are never going to be an Aston Villa. But there's no reason at all why we should not begin to think, act and play like a professional football club, which is, after all, what we are supposed to be."
"There is so much enthusiasm and ambition in the boardroom that it's almost frightening. But with that sort of backing we must be on the way to better things."

Fogarty has a three year contract with Tamworth and comes to Kettlebrook, where he played in the reserve team in the mid 60s from the Alliance club Wealdstone and with a reputation as one of the youngest and brightest managers.

He was in charge at Wealdstone when they reached the third round of the FA Cup and gave Queens Park Rangers a fright.







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