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Manager Info - 1980/81 - Alan Fogarty

Alan Fogarty
Name: Alan Fogarty
Assistant: Alan Hampton
Start Date: Ongoing
End Date: 08/11/1980
No. Games Managed: 66
Games Won: 17
Games Drawn: 16
Games Lost: 33
Goals For: 63
Goals Against: 116

Game statistics are cummulative totals specific to the manager to the end of the season being viewed or their term as manager.

Alan Fogarty




21 November 1980 Headline: "Fogarty, Paterson cutback victims"
Alan Fogarty and Bob Paterson, the men most hurt by the Tamworth Football surgery, learned of the loss of the jobs after an emergency weekend board meeting.
Team manager Fogarty was asked to take a 50 per cent cut in his 4,000 a year salary. He refused and was sacked. Commercial manager and secretary Paterson was told he was on a week's redundancy and after that the club had no money to pay his wages.
Fogarty said: "I was not prepared to take such a cut in wages. I felt I had earned every penny of it from the number of hours I had to spend at training sessions, watching players and at matches each week.
I understand the club's predicament entirely, and as far as I am concerned there are no hard feelings and I will be looking for another job in football."

Club chairman Mike Tongue said: "We were not displeased with Alan's efforts, the results were certainly better this season and we realise he still had a lot of work to do but there was no way we could keep him on at that level of payment."
Assistant manager Alan Hampton has taken over in charge of the team while the club considers the next steps.





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