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5 Interesting Facts about the Tamworth F.C Not Everyone Knows About

Tamworth FC is an English soccer club that was founded in 1933. The founder was Bob Andrews and they even have their own stadium with a capacity of more than 4000 people, with the name “The Lamb Ground”. They have played in different English leagues. So, here we bring you some interesting facts about the Tamworth F.C not everyone knows about:


Originally, the first club that was founded was the Tamworth Castle, but due to budget and logistic issues they extinguished such club. However, the community began a campaign for Tamworth to have a soccer team to represent the city, and thus the Tamworth Football Club was born.

The Jolly Sailor Ground was their first stadium with a capacity for 4000 people, then they changed their stadium and from that day The Lamb Ground has been their official stadium, with a capacity for almost 4500 people.


The team’s official colors are red, yellow, white and sometimes black. Also, their shield has a special meaning, the Stafford Knot and the flag of Mercian (the former Kingdom of England).

Winning Leagues

Tamworth FC has won some leagues like the Staffordshire Senior Cup  4 times, the Southern Football League Division One Midlands, the West Midlands League 4 times, and more. The last league they won was the National League North in 2009.


Tamworth FC has had good players. Between them are the Englishmen Kevin Wilkin, Dean Thomas, Darron Gee, Richard Dryden and Jim Gannon. Some of them are currently managers of different teams.


Some other information about the Tamworth F.C is about their record of attendance, in 1948 they had almost 5,000 people in a match, and also their largest victory was 14 goals over 4 in 1933 against Holbrook Institute.

The Tamworth F.C is a team that has a lot of history that has won a lot of respect. In spite of the adversities, any economic or emotional problem that the team has, they face any problem and overcome it. Therefore, they are still fighting and giving their best in football.…