“Tamworth FC Heritage” was born for a single reason. A reason that drives half of the population and sport addicts, that passion is not anything else but football. Football is everything to us and we always try to express this unconditional love for our favorite sport by talking and writing about it, as there’s not better alternative to express an idea that writing about it and talk with other people about it.

My name is Harley Rice and I created “Tamworth FC Heritage” with the purpose of expanding my knowledge and love for football and as a football supporter myself, I know that most people share this passion, this care, and love for this legendary sport follow it since we were kids. We realize how important is this sport for the world, and here we take the job of writing interesting articles about it.

There’s no news about football that we don’t discuss and talk about it here. In “Tamworth FC Heritage” we take extra care in delivering the most engaging and interesting topics in the football world, we cover the most famous games and talk in depth about them, we provide all the details and information about this world so everyone can understand, no matter if you are new in this world or you are a fanatic.