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About Us

The Lambs have been a vital part of the Tamworth community for over 75 years.

A local businessman started the ball rolling with a letter printed in the Tamworth Herald in the spring of 1933 and within a couple of months, Tamworth FC was born.
After a season playing on a pitch behind the Jolly Sailor public house, on the Fazeley Road near Ladybridge, the club moved to their current home off Kettlebrook Road and have played nearly 4,000 games to date.

With the complete statistical playing history of the club available Tamworth FC Supporters Club were awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund in the summer of 2008 to use it as a base to tell the story of Tamworth FC through the eyes of the people who were actually there, on the terraces, behind the scenes and on the field of play.

Over the course of the three years of HLF funding the project (which will continue without HLF funding as the seasons roll on) achieved the following; and then some:

1 - Fans of all ages, from far and wide, have already chosen their favourite players and this formed the basis of the Lambs Legends playing cards, given away free of charge in December 2008.

2 - This website will feature audio and visual clips from a variety of sources including fans memories, photos and stories - alongside the statistics.

Legends Card
Hall Of Fame - Programme

3 - A commemorative book, printed in September 2011 combining the history of the club with memories of the fans, players and officials alongside photos and relevant statistics from across the years.

4 - Numerous exhibitions of memorabilia displayed in the town as part of the National Heritage Open Days, as well as in the Ankerside Shopping Centre and Tamworth Library.

5 - A Hall Of Fame evening at the Assembly Rooms, Tamworth attended by fans, players, officials and townsfolk all with one aim in mind - to celebrate the continuing history of Tamworth FC.

None of this project could have happened without the following things;
- funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund for which we are eternally grateful
- the support of Tamworth Football Club and everyone associated with it
- and perhaps most importantly - YOUR contributions.

If you would like to be involved in any part of the project in any way, large or small, or have any thoughts, comments or memories you would like to share with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form.

The book was produced for distribution at no charge to the end user (i.e. made available for free). None of the paper or digital versions of the book may be reproduced in part or as a whole except for personal use and the copyright remains with the author / project group at all times as per standard UK law.
Likewise, all images on this website are used with the permission of the copyright holder. For further details please contact the heritage project team.



















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